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Looking good in the garden - 6 September 2007 - early Autumn

Each month we look at some of the plants in the garden that visitors may be interested in finding. Their location in the garden is provided.

Humulus lupulus/Hop
A wonderful sight this autumn growing over the Electrical Sub Station .The young shoots which look like nettles can be eaten as a salad. The flowers add taste and nourishment to ale and leaven bread.

Arbutus unedo/Strawberry Tree
A small evergreen tree with Lily of the Valley-like flowers and edible if tasteless fruits of a strawberry like appearance. Growing in a small bed behind the statue of Captain Scott at the entrance to the garden.

Ammi visnaga
4-inch platters of white architecturally shaped cow parsley like flowers on delicate dill like foliage. The flowers have a greenish tinge to them. Growing in the Potting Shed bed and around the Strawberry tree.

Pictures: Pauline Powell

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