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Looking good in the garden - 12 December 2007 - Winter

Each month we look at some of the plants in the garden that visitors may be interested in finding. Their location in the garden is provided.

Fuchsia - Magellanica
This bushy shrub fuchsia originally from South America is the hardiest of the fuchsias and is entirely at home in the potting shed bed.

Passiflora caerulea - Passion Flower Fruit
A vigorous, evergreen climber clothing the warmest wall of the potting shed bed; a few fruits are still adorn the plant even in December.

Myrtus communis
In one corner of the square lawn, myrtle berries continue long into the winter. This Mediterranean evergreen shrub has leaves and blue berries which have a flavour similar to juniper and rosemary.

Pictures: Pauline Powell

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