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Looking good in the garden - 23 July 2008 - high Summer

Each month we look at some of the plants in the garden that visitors may be interested in finding. Their location in the garden is provided.

flowering even better this month on the step in front of Boat House 6

Hollyhocks, Penstemons and Hydrangea arborescens
Cristine tying up the hollyhocks in the electrical sub station bed

on high in the lawn bed

in close up

William III bed in full bloom
Phlox paniculata (tall violet); Evening primrose (tall yellow); spikes of Teucrium hyrcanicum (kittens tails); Antirrhinum (yellow); Linaria vulgaris (toadflax, yellow); purple sage.

Phlox paniculata in close up

Pictures: Pauline Powell

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