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Looking good in the garden - 10 September 2008 - early Autumn

Each month we look at some of the plants in the garden that visitors may be interested in finding. Their location in the garden is provided.

Humulus lupulus/ Hop
A wonderful sight this autumn growing over the electrical sub station .The young shoots which look like nettles can be eaten as a salad. The flowers have been used for centuries to add taste to beer and ale.

in close up

Tulberghia violacea (Society Garlic)
In the shady bed under the window this clumping perennial grows from rhizomes. Its flowers appear late on in the summer in shades of pink and purple and are more attractive than the garlicky smell! Although, like garlic, it is a member of the lily (Alliaceae) family it is not an allium and is actually more closely related to the narcissus flower

in close up

Pictures: Pauline Powell

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