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Building the garden extension

The building of the extension to the Porter’s Garden started early in January 2009 and was finished at the end of February. The extension, known as the Raised Garden, is in front of Boat House 6. Breedon gravel was delivered on 21 January to cover the hard surfaces of the whole garden. Renewing the gravel in the existing garden will bring everything up to the standard of the extension. The extension was designed by Professor Sir Colin Stansfield Smith and the landscape gardeners were Blakedown landscapes. Mike Hall, Chairman of Hampshire Gardens Trust, will open the Raised Garden on 20 March 2009 at 12 noon.

21 January 2009 - A view of the stations for the Walnut trees

21 January 2009 - A delivery of Breedon gravel

21 January 2009 - Preparing to spread the gravel under the existing Walnut trees

7 February 2009 - The steps up to the Raised Garden

18 February 2009 - The Walnut tree stations

20 February 2009 - The newly planted Walnut trees

25 February 2009 - The Walnut trees and Breedon Gravel in place with the light stations

25 February 2009 - A view of the double wall ready for planting

7 March 2009 - The Friends planting cowslips around the walnuts

11 March 2009 - Planting up the double wall

11 March 2009 - The newly planted double wall

11 March 2009 - The steps into the Raised Garden and newly planted pots of Pieris Japonica ‘Valley Valentine’

Pictures: Pauline Powell

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