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Friends mark centenary of Captain Scott reaching the South Pole, Tuesday 17th January 2012

Tuesday 17th January 2012 was the centenary of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his party reaching the South Pole. At midday the Friends of the Porter's Garden layed a wreath at the memorial statue of Scott in the Porter's Garden in remembrance.

At midday the Friends of Porter's Garden laid a wreath at the Scott statue (by Porterís Lodge) in remembrance, with a prayer read by Peter Goodship, Chief Executive of Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust. Picture: Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust

Peter Goodship, the Chief Executive of the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, spoke at the ceremony.

After the ceremony. Picture: Pauline Powell

After the ceremony

The wreath

The wreath at the foot of the statue

Visitors. Picture: Pauline Powell

Scott's party at the South Pole. Wikipedia site

Photos: John Scott, except as stated

Interviews with the granddaughter of Captain Scott and Sir Ranulph Fiennes Channel 4 site

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